Bible quizzing

On this page you will find links to Bible quizzing information and resources.

Bible Quiz Fellowship, the national organization whose Bible quizzing program we participate in, has information on quizzing in general, tournaments, and the 8-year rotation of material. They also have a downloads page where you can get a copy of the official rules, question sets, etc.

Youth Challenge in Holyoke, CO is the local ministry that puts on our monthly quiz meets. On their quizzing page, you will find the schedule and monthly material breakdown for the current quiz year. Their resource page has the registration form, a promotional video, and information for coaches and table officials. They also have a page for stats from the most recent quiz meet.

We are studying the book of Luke during the 2016-2017 quiz year. The official translation used for quizzing is the 2011 edition of the ESV. Unfortunately, due to errors made in the process of printing the Luke quiz portions, the 2001 edition was accidentally used (even though the copyright says 2011). There aren’t many differences (most of them are listed here; a commenter on that post also pointed to pages 18-19 of this document), but those subtle changes in wording are critical for quizzers. If you have a quiz portion, please check the list and write down the changes.

Here’s the page for our audio recordings.